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Is Your LTL Supply Chain in Danger? How to Reduce Vulnerabilities and Stay Ahead

If you haven’t seriously reconsidered your approach to your LTL carrier strategy in a while, now is the time.

We’re seeing changes happening every month that we used to not see for years: carrier closures, consolidation, rate fluctuations and more. Each of these events can have a major impact on your supply chain if you’re not prepared.

We’ll cover the major sources of volatility in LTL shipping today, how to know when you’re vulnerable, warning signs to watch for and how to protect your business.

  • Kait Parker, VP, LTL Operations, Coyote Logistics
  • Roquita Coleman-Williams, Director, Intermodal Business Development, Coyote Logistics
  • Mark Ochoa, Director, LTL Customer Engagement, Coyote Logistics
In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • Characteristics of a resilient LTL network
  • How the LTL market has changed and consolidated in recent years
  • How to build effective contingency plans
  • How customer-specific pricing can protect you
  • How to become an LTL Shipper of Choice